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ANTHERIA 2011 - ETA: 30 DAYS & Counting!
Hey all you Antherians!

Remember to Pre-Register online for Antheria before September 1st! 
Pharaoh level memberships (our supersponsors) can *only* 
register online & will have a special dinner and be invited on board our
exclusive Guest of Honor Yacht Trip!


Our super cool DEALERS are all accounted for and ready for You!
Check them out!

Mike Kazaleh (Guest of Honor) 
Agent Elrond
Bedlam Badges
Bengaley Summercat
Mitti (aka Touchmybadger)
Rabbit Valley Comics
Sparky's Stitches
Spelunker Sal
Twilight Realms Design


HEY ARTISTS & WRITERS! We want conbook submissions! 
Remember, the theme this year is Egyptian Underworld.


CALLING ALL FURSUITERS! We would like to invite you to register for 
Antheria's Furry Variety Show.


WIKA-WIKA! ("Yo DJ!") Wanna spin at Antheria this year?
send a 1hr Demo Mix to [] Spin what YOU Enjoy
- Show us all what you can do! We want creativity!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on our web 
site at

We'll see you on the beach!

To Register to attend Antheria online, follow this link...

For Variety Show details and to register to perform an act, go here...

To Submit your work to the Conbook Director go to this page...


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