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ANTHERIA 2011 - 78 Days, Events & A Lovely Con Report
> Sept. 1st is the deadline for SuperSponsor (Pharaoh) Reg. (Which includes a Yacht Trip with our GOH!)
---> You'll have to nab it NOW though, SuperSponsor (Pharaoh) Memberships will NOT be available at the door!

> Uncle Kage will return to Antheria for his ONLY appearance on the West Coast this year!
+ 2 The Ranting Gryphon will take the stage once again! (Much to the dismay of young children everywhere.)

> We still have some Dealer Tables Available - But they are going fast!
Tang-Jun ( Of ) wrote up an impressive Con Report for ANTHERIA 2010! Thank You!

More Events and Info will be injected into your brain over the following weeks leading up to ConTime!


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