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antherians's Journal

Official Antheria Live Journal
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Antheria is an event for people with an interest in anthropomorphics (or "humanized" objects or animals). This most often manifests itself in fans of animation, comic books, anime, mythology, sports mascots, fantasy books, and movies or even spirituality. Antheria is dedicated to creating a fun, professional and innovative yearly event for anthropomorphics fans of all ages.

The inspiration for the Antheria event was sparked in late 2009 by the board members of the management group Anthro International Entertainment, which owns and operates Antheria. The focus for the event is on professionalism and quality. It is the goal of the Antheria staff to continually bring a remarkable event of impeccable professionalism and integrity to the southern California area.

Anthro International Entertainment is a non-profit organization. Any funds that are acquired by Antheria are used in operating the event itself or are donated to charity.

The board of directors for Anthro International Entertainment are:

Jason Smith
Matt Davis
Daniel Branton
Steve Mitchell
Nate Edwards

Anthro International Entertainment's mailing address is:

Anthro International Entertainment
P.O. Box 463
Ravensdale, WA 98051-0463
United States of America