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ANTHERIA 2011 - Extended Online Registration!!!
Hello Antherians!

We're extending our online registration!

As you know, our online registration closed on September 1st. This would 
be the last time you would have the opportunity to register online, and 
the last chance you would get to register as a Pharaoh Level member 
until next year.

At least it WOULD have been.

You have written to us and made your voices heard. And your biggest 
request... more online registration time. So, that's what we did!

Online registration for Antheria has been extended until September 15. 
That leaves you 10 more days to register for Antheria online. After 
that, don't worry. You can still register at the door. But remember, 
this will be the last opportunity you have to register as a Pharaoh 
Level member and get a ticket on our celebrity filled yacht cruise!

To register for Antheria 2011, go to

We'll see you there!


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