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Greetings again Artists Writers, and everyone in between!

Antheria would like to not only invite all those attending to contribute some art or literature to our convention book.

Most question regarding the con-book can be answered in the submission/guidelines where you can also submit anything for the conbook however if you have any further questions regarding the con-book please send them to the following email address: Unfortunately the deadline for submissions is 8/25/11. We understand this is rather short notice but if there is anything you would like to contribute that fits with this years theme, “Egyption Underworld” we would really appreciate it.

Don't Forget!
Pre-registration must be received by September 1! If you want to hang with our GOH #OnABoat - Make sure to get your SuperSponsor Reg in Now!

Amazing Pics from LAST Year!

Thank you, we look forward to seeing you this year and/or seeing what you come up with.


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